Limited Edition

Anthony has continued to develop and bring new and innovative ideas to the Limited Edition Numbered Edition weathervane collection. Including an articulating school of bluefish, New England lobster and a traditional Bannerette restyled to include an arrow and area for house name or address numbers.

In addition to the new weathervane designs, the studio continues to craft popular weathervane designs developed by renowned metal artist and founder, Travis Tuck. Choose from a collection of classically inspired weathervane designs including a Canadian Goose, Codfish, Humpback whale, Osprey, Ram, Striped Bass or the Great White Shark, originally designed for the movie “Jaws” filmed on Martha’s Vineyard. Each weathervane in the Limited Edition Numbered Edition collection is handcrafted, signed and numbered.

Visit the Numbered Edition Portfolio for photos of the weathervane designs, pricing and availability.

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