Our History

The studio got its start back in 1974, when Travis Tuck created his first weathervane as a prop for the movie Jaws, which was filming near his home on the Vineyard. Since that time, hundreds of evocative figures – some drawn from nature, some from contemporary life – have been commissioned by private owners and businesses who appreciate this unique artistry and know they have something which will last for generations as it grows in value.

Ironically enough, one of those weathervanes was for Steven Spielberg himself, the director of Jaws. Twenty-two years after it all began, he commissioned a four-foot copper likeness of the velociraptor dinosaur from his movie Jurassic Park for his estate on Long Island.

In 2002, Travis proudly announced the formation of a new enterprise: Tuck & Holand Metal Sculptors, with longtime collaborator Anthony Holand. Travis lost a valiant battle with cancer later that same year. The studio that bears his name continues to delight clients and visitors alike with the imaginative weathervanes on display in the Vineyard Haven Gallery and on rooftops everywhere.

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